Day 4: An open challenge to give

Hunger Action Week is almost over–what a short week it has been, despite my constantly growling stomach in the first couple of days. The days when I’ve had the time to really think about and plan my meals, I’ve been able to eat nutritious and satisfying food while staying under the budget for the day; but when I haven’t had time for planning, it’s gotten pretty random (e.g., cereal for lunch).

Tonight’s dinner is an old, reliable standby that reminds me of dinners from my childhood: japanese style curry over steamed rice. The curry packets are relatively inexpensive (for the volume of curry you can produce), and the curry lasts for 1-2 days, getting tastier each day. Better still, you can add lots of fresh vegetables to the curry and make a substantial meal without too much work or expense.  And there’s enough left over for lunch tomorrow…

An open challenge to give
While I don’t typically spend extravagant amounts of money on our weekly food budget (particularly in this economy), I certainly spend more than $7/day, especially when factoring meals in restaurants during the average week. This challenge is leaving me with a decent amount of leftover money that would normally have been budgeted for food. For those of you who are doing this challenge, I expect you’re noticing the same thing.

So I offer up a new, open challenge:  If you’ve been participating in the Hunger Action Week, getting by on $7/day or less, and you’ve realized some savings in your weekly budget as a result, won’t you consider donating that difference directly to the United Way of King County and their efforts to address hunger issues in this region? You can give by clicking here. I’ll be putting in my contribution on Saturday morning, after I’ve tallied my week’s totals.

Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds (I am going to need a break from this cereal next week!)- $0.50
milk – $0.50

two slices of bread from home – $0.20
chicken, spinach, tomato and cheese – $1.73

1 small russet potato – $0.34
2 carrots – $0.32
1 medium yellow onion – $0.27
1/2 bell pepper – $0.69
1 chicken thigh – $0.73
1 cup white rice – $0.18
1/2 packet of japanese curry paste – $1.29
2 tablespoons vegetable oil – $0.24


~ by jak on April 23, 2009.

5 Responses to “Day 4: An open challenge to give”

  1. My husband and I had a similar discussion about donating money last night. We’ve chosen to donate to Northwest Harvest. During the month of April the a portion of your donation will be matched by the Feinstein Challenge.

  2. Okay I just posted my final thoughts of Hunger week. I have also put out an open challenge to give to the other food bloggers participating as well as anyone else. I am going to match all collective contributions to $200 total. Read here.

  3. Thanks for the tip about the Feinstein Challenge w/ Northwest Harvest. I’ve decided to make my contribution through that channel… great way to multiply the impact of giving!

  4. Thanks for your donation!

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