things are in the works

It feels like 2009 jumped out of nowhere, emerging from the deep snows of the end of 2008. January is the “month of frugality” in our household—sort of a way to purge from the decadence of the holidays—during which we try to eschew the tenacious grip of consumerism and retreat to the pleasures of simplicity and necessity. Oh, and I give up alcohol for a month too… in keeping with the theme of purging. So far, so good, although I was craving a cold beer at the end of last week…

With the new year well underway, I’ve been experimenting with some things that are outside of my comfort zone—namely, baking. I’m not a patient man by nature, making me a pretty poor candidate for a baker, but I’ve been getting some nice results with some recent efforts on bread and cookies… some of which may be incorporated into our next dinner.


Speaking of which, it’s time for another fishes+loaves dinner. We’re aiming for the end of this month: Saturday, January 31. More details to come.

In related news, a friend who attended our last dinner in November is planning to host a fishes+loaves dinner with a friend at the end of January as well. I’ve had some great conversations with friends who’ve been interested in throwing similar meals, and I’m absolutely thrilled that one will be happening so soon. We’ll be sharing about that meal as well on this blog, so check back soon. It looks like January’s going to be an interesting month…


~ by jak on January 13, 2009.

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