when kauffman speaks (writes), i listen


Hey, we got our first press for fishes+loaves this week!  More on that in a minute.

Back during our days of living in sunny Oakland, CA, my regular commute routine on Wednesday mornings invovled walking 3 blocks to the BART station, picking up a copy of the East Bay Express from a stand by the entrance, and enjoying Jonathan Kauffman’s weekly restaurant review.

In the food-obsessed media buzz of the Bay Area, Kauffman’s writing rose above the white noise. He always seemed to find the great, lesser known neighborhood restaurants, was a master of taco trucks and good holes-in-the-wall, and helped me imagine what iguana really tastes like:

Then there was consomme de garrobo, identified as iguana soup by a tiny photo of a lizard floating over the bowl. Did you know that iguana really does taste just like chicken? No joke: I kept trying to come up with descriptive words for the chunks of pale-pink meat at the bottom of my bowl. And though the long-stewed garrobo was slightly richer than thigh meat and slightly tougher, too, I couldn’t identify a strong scent or taste.

Thanks to his articles, Lav and I tried a bunch of places that ended up becoming favorites—like Dopo, Tamarindo, and Luka’s—places that made living in the East Bay so fantastic.

Then suddenly, in 2006, he disappeared. My interest in the East Bay Express waned. I might have even started reading glossy magazines on the BART instead…

About a year later, I moved up to Seattle. I picked up a copy of the Seattle Weekly (I think the free weekly is one of the best ways to get to know a new city), turned immediately to the food section, and there he was, giving Qube a gigantic body slam… like an old friend welcoming me to my new home.

I respect Jonathan a lot—his writing is honest and informative, and heck, he’s a James Beard Award winner.  So it was a real treat when I had a brief opportunity to tell him a bit about what we’re trying to do with fishes+loaves… which he kindly turned into a post on Voracious, the Seattle Weekly’s food blog.  Check it out (“Fishes+Loaves Wants You to Eat for the Greater Good“)… I never realized how much I speak in run-on sentences(!!).  And subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed… there’s always something interesting going on.

Maybe one of these days, I’ll convince Jonathan to join us for a  fishes+loaves dinner… I know he’s a fan of slow-cooked pork…

Lastly, there won’t be a fishes+loaves meal this month; things are just too busy since we’ll be out of town for Christmas and New Year’s. But I’m coming up with plans for January… and I’ve gotten some more confirmation that a couple of fishes+loaves meals may be happening in the near future in California, hosted by some good friends.

So stay tuned… subscribe to the RSS feed if you want to stay up to date, and if you want to be notified of upcoming meals, send a quick email to us at fishesloaves@yahoo.com.


~ by jak on December 17, 2008.

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