focusing on local, organic, sustainable


Today was a spectacularly sunny November day in Seattle (supremely uncommon), so we headed to the Ballard Farmers Market to pick up some things for this week’s upcoming dinner to raise money for Northwest Harvest.

In the first dinner, we focused on creating a multi-course meal for eight people while controlling costs as much as possible in order to get the highest ratio of money raised to costs of ingredients. For this second meal, I want to explore the incorporation of as many local, organic and sustainably created ingredients as possible, and feature the producers who create them.

In that spirit, there were some inspiring things at the market today—fantastic organic produce, free-range and grass fed meats, locally foraged mushrooms—lots of which will fit in nicely with the menu we’re planning…





After the market, we hit up Molly Moon’s in Wallingford to pick up a very specific pint of ice cream, which will be a key part of the dessert.


It will be interesting to see how much this increases the cost of the meal… but with some careful planning, we should still be able to meet the goal of efficiently raising money for charities/nonprofits while also using high quality products that are farmed, raised and created in a thoughtful way.


~ by jak on November 24, 2008.

9 Responses to “focusing on local, organic, sustainable”

  1. Dear Friend!
    Robert-Gilles from Shizuoka, Japan at
    Thank you so much for your Friendship Request on Foodbuzz!
    Here in Japan the notion of local and organic food is slowly but surely catching up, especially here in Shizuoka Prefecture, a region famed for its organic food!
    Self-sufficiency is the next step!
    Incidentally those pictures of chanterelles made me salivate!
    Not fair! LOL
    Cheers and all that!

  2. Awesome pictures! Good luck with the dinner!

  3. Can’t wait to see what you prepare for your Northwest Dinner. The market is beautiful. We moved home from Seattle (to the Lake Chelan area) a couple years ago, and although we have a very nice fruit selection at our farmers markets, they don’t compare with the enormity of Ballards’. Our hearts are definitely in Seattle.

  4. Droool….I’m SO excited for Wednesday! 🙂


  5. Seattle is such a beautiful place with delicious amazing food. Great photos!

  6. Thanks for the encouraging words everyone. I’ll get a post up to recap the dinner as soon as it takes place. An amazing photographer friend is stepping in to snap photos of the meal, so I’m really looking forward to the pictures.

    In the meantime, happy Thanksgiving to all!

  7. Thank you for your Friendship Request.
    I wish I lived in Seattle. Our local farmer markets are slow to catch on which is such a shame. I am trying to do my part to eat local but the winter months here will be a challenge. I am looking for good recipes…. got any? (wisconsin)

  8. I believe in this whole heartidly! It does cost more, but work it.

  9. Amazing photography …it is really as if I was there, the colour of the food is amazing leaving the smells and bustle to my imagination…thx for being my foodbuzz friend…hope my humble recipes can give you the inspiration and satisfaction they gave me.

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