the beginning of something…

The economy’s in the tank. People are losing jobs. Everyone is freaking out and worried about what the next few months holds for them. That’s understandable, I suppose.

But what I find striking is how quickly we focus on ourselves and our own needs when things get tough. I notice myself checking our bank accounts, our investments and dwindling 401(k), and wondering if we should think about revising our budget…

But here’s the thing: We’re fine. We have food to eat, a comfortable home we’re renting, family and friends who care about us, and more than enough material things than we could ever possibly need. Rather than being concerned for ourselves, I want to really believe that we’re fortunate enough to be in a position to be concerned for and actively helping others… people who are struggling in a more profound way, who might not have the same luxury of choice, and who are confronted on a daily basis with real challenges. And I want to live out that belief, at least a little, with my actions.

And then I get a little more worried, because I realize that people who are truly in need–and the nonprofits that provide support for them–may end up being the ones most impacted by the crazy fits of this fickle economy.

So I’m starting this thing… an idea to make some kind of simple model of an event… a process… an effort to make the act of giving to support the good work of nonprofit organizations incredibly easy.  Easy in the act, easy on the wallet… something where contributions that are made won’t come at the sacrifice of other charitable giving that would have otherwise taken place… something that is fun and communal…

And something that, if it works, can easily be replicated by others who have a passion for these kinds of things… and a passion for FOOD, because, oh yes, with any luck, this is going to involve some good food…

Please stay tuned.


~ by jak on October 30, 2008.

5 Responses to “the beginning of something…”

  1. I love, love, love where you are going with your idea and your heart…I totally agree with you and am excited to hear how it all unfolds. Keep doing what you feel led to do.

  2. this sounds AWEsome. I will spread the word. look very much forward to seeing how your plans develop. If you need any kind of support/help/input let us know.

    p.s. the food part intrigues me. hehe

  3. This is a fantastic thing you’re doing, Jack & LaVerne! Please count me for the next event.

  4. cool Jack, i’m interested to hear some more. yay for food 🙂

  5. thanks for the comments and encouragement! later this week, i should be able to get the details of the first meal we did this past weekend up, so check back and read about it… and if it is something that you think you’d like to be a part of, just let me know.

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